Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens – تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

Since Jan 2017, Vietnam government officially implements the new generation of visa: e-visa (electronic visa). The piloting period of e-visa for travelers coming to Vietnam as foreigners are scheduled to last two years for a certain number of nationals. This artice is about Vietnam E-visa for Syria citizens.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Syria citizens? – طلب تأشيرة فيتنام

Vietnam Embassy in Syria – سفارة فيتنام في سوريا

What is Vietnam e-visa?

Electronic visa for Vietnam is the latest type to be issued, which enables travelers being abroad from Vietnam to apply for a visa online, get approval and visa printed themselves in stead of sourcing one at Embassy of Vietnam or via an agent online.

Can Vietnam evisa applicable for Syrian citizens?

Currently, Syria has not been listed in the e-visa applicable citizens.

However, there are alternative convenient ways for Syrian to apply for a visa online, get an electronic visa (approval letter).

Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

Just go through few steps to get visa online for Syrian citizens

  • Complete application form online at
  • Make payment for approval fee
  • Get electronic visa approval letter after two business days via email

Then Syrian citizens can get a visa for Vietnam stamped onto your passport at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

What are the applicable types of visa for Syrian nationals?

Syrian passport holders are allowed to enter Vietnam for the purpose of business or tourist. These two different purposes require you to apply for different visa types for Vietnam.

To be granted a business visa, Syrian applicants are not necessarily have a contract with a company in Vietnam. Visa agents can be also your sponsors.

For tourist visa: the applicable length of visa validity is no more than 90 days, while that for a business visa can be requested to be one year.

How about the visa fee for Syrian citizens?

Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

The different visa types regarding their validity length and purposes will result in different visa fee rates.

Specifically, there are two fee types to be paid: approval fee and stamping fee.

Then approval fee is legitimated to get the electronic visa approval letter for Syrian citizens. This also means that it should be paid when submitting an application online. The application and payment must be completed and confirmed before it is processed and get the outcome for Syrian citizens.

Notices about visa service fee: this fee is paid to the agent who will:

  • Accept your visa request together with related application information
  • Reviewing and make sure it is eligible and adequate
  • Request e-visa approval letter on your behalf
  • Consult the essential preparations and as well and notification on getting the visa approved and stamped on your passport.
  • Scan and send the visa approval letter to the approved applications.

And last but not least, we are always here and listen, be willing to support you any matter related to the visa.

Stamping fee is collected directly by the immigration officer stamping visa for you at the airport in Vietnam.

Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

The rates of stamping fees are applied the same for citizens of all countries: single entry visa of fewer than 90 days cost USD 25, multiple entries visa of fewer than 90 days cost USD 50, multiples entries visa six months is USD 95, and 12 months visa requires USD 135.

Can Syria citizens apply for the visa at Embassies of Vietnam?

The embassies and consulates of Vietnam abroad temporarily may still issue Vietnam visa of fewer than 90 days for Syria citizens. However, the specific requirements of different embassies for different specific applications may not the same. In the case of being accepted by the Embassy, Syria citizens may be required the following:

  • The completed application form (as provided by the Embassy)
  • The original passport which is checked and ensured it is valid at least for 6 months since the proposed date of arrival in Vietnam
  • Your address which is clearly noted on two envelopes
  • Two photos of 4*6 cm size
  • Visa fee (including stamping and extra fee (if any))

Embassies of Vietnam may take about 3-5 business days to approve a visa application for Syria citizens. In the case of necessary, Syrian nationals may be required to complement documents to support the info verification process.

Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens - تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

Currently, Embassy of Vietnam has not been established in Syria yet. In order to apply for a visa to Vietnam, you can search for nearest one in the neigbouring countries. Or you also can seek a visa agent in Vietnam to assist you request a visa approval document.

Can Syria passport holders apply for rush visa?

In the case that you are in rush for a visa to Vietnam, do not worry: The visa agent currently offer full ranges of emergency visa services which even ensures the availability of electronic visa approval letter for you within an hour. Besides, the urgent services of four business hours, one day, are also available. For Syrian passport holders, it is necessary to send us the scan copy of your passport or complete the visa application online with the exact information as shown in your passport.

What if Syrian citizens enter Vietnam by bus or ship?

Travellig to Vietnam via land or sea border requires you to go directly to an Embassy of Vietnam and get visa stamped before your departure. In the case of wishing to get visa stamped quickly at Embassy, Syrian citizens can request a visa approval code, which is also approved and issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

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