How to apply Vietnam visa for Syria citizens? – طلب تأشيرة فيتنام

Syria is one of countries whose citizens are difficult to get Vietnam visa. Therefore, in order to get Vietnam visa, Syrian will be required to submit some documents. How to apply Vietnam visa for Syria citizens?

Vietnam Evisa for Syria citizens – تأشيرة فيتنام الإلكترونية للمواطنين السوريين

Vietnam Embassy in Syria – سفارة فيتنام في سوريا

Is Vietnam visa required for Syrian citizens?

“Yes, Syrian citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam”

Visa is one of the many things for which Syrian citizens need to prepare before traveling to Vietnam.

From Syria, the applicants may apply for Vietnam visa by 2 options:

  • Getting a visa on arrival within 2 working days or just 2 hours by applying visa online. It is beneficial for those who are travelling Vietnam by air and living in the country where the local Vietnam Embassy is too far to reach.When applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, there is NO document and original passport required. The applicants just need to provide the visa information by filling in the online application form with full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. A letter of approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be delivered via email at a given time.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Syria citizens? - طلب تأشيرة فيتنام

  • Getting a Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Syria and it takes 3 – 5 working days
    Required documents for Vietnam Embassy visa application include original passport, application form attached with 1 photo and visa fees.

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival

Firstly, at the moment, it is only possible for Syrian citizens to get tourism visa. This visa can only be valid for 25 days and single entry. If you want to stay in Vietnam longer, you will need to either renew your visa many times when your one month visa expires by leaving Vietnam and then re-enter again or extend your visa for another one month. Besides, the processing time for Vietnam visa for Syrian citizens is also longer than some other nationalities. Accordingly, with normal service, it takes you about 5-8 working days to receive visa. You can also request for quicker processing. But the extra service fee will be quite high. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for visa no later than one or two weeks before your travel in case you are requested to provide any documents in order to avoid the possibility that your travel is too close to come but the visa has not been ready.

Secondly, Syrian citizens are required to prove a scheduled travel to Vietnam. For this, when applying online for Vietnam visa to get visa approval letter, you need to submit a scan of your passport, a round trip flight booking and hotel booking. Therefore, please ensure that you prepare all these documents carefully before applying. Besides, if your departure is from a foreign country rather than your country of nationality as specified in your passport, you also need to present your residence card and visa of the country of departure. As there are quite many documents needing providing, you should be well – prepared and provide your agent with all of them at once to shorten the processing time.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Syria citizens? - طلب تأشيرة فيتنام

You just need to visit our website, fill in the online application form, just after receiving your information we will process immediately. In urgent case the process take only 1 working day; normal will take 2 working days. After approved, we will send you Visa Approval Letter. Please do not forget:

  •     Print out the Visa approval to show the airlines while boarding on plane
  •     Have 2 passport pictures for visa application when you arrival in Vietnam
  •     Have $45 by cash for single entry & $65 for multiple entry for paying the visa stamping fee

Applying Visa at Vietnam Embassies 

Unfortunately, until now there is still not Vietnam Embassy in Syrian Arab yet so you must apply for Visa to Vietnam at the nearest Vietnam Embassy in neighbor countries or any countries before you enter to Vietnam

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