Address of Vietnam Embassy in Palestine – سفارة فيتنام في فلسطين

At present, in Palestine, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Palestine or any representative office of Vietnam’s government. Therefore, citizens or residents in Palestine can choose one of two options below to apply for a visa to Vietnam:

  • Apply for a visa on arrival for traveling to Vietnam by air only (visa picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam with the legal approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department)
  • Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring countries in person. Embassy of Vietnam in nearby country: Israel, Egypt, Turkey & Kuwait



Address of Vietnam Embassy in Palestine - سفارة فيتنام في فلسطين

Each option has its own pros and cons:

NO need to send your original passport away. Parting with your original passport.
NO need to dealing directly with Immigration authorities. We’ll deal with them on your behalf. Dealing directly with Vietnamese Embassy.
Saving time and visa to get the same type of visa (normally it takes 01 – 02 working days). It takes 05 – 07 working days to get your visa.
Queuing in front of Immigration Counter at an arrival airport in Vietnam to get visa stamp. However, you can get your visa stamped without queuing by choosing our fast-track service. Having visa already stamped onto your passport before entry Vietnam.
Completely online process. It is required that your physical visit to a nearest Vietnamese Embassy and your personal information sent away.
Especially convenient for those who are staying far away Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Embassy is not available in their country. Difficult for those who live far from Vietnamese Embassy or even the Vietnamese Embassy is not available in their country.
Foreigners cannot apply for Vietnam visa on arrival by themselves. The application must go through authorized travel agency/organizations in Vietnam. Can be self-applied.
For travelers to Vietnam by air only. For travelers to Vietnam by any transports.

Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online

Vietnam visa on arrival or also called visa online, evisa has been issued by Vietnam Immigration Department since 2003. It is simple, fast and time-saving for applicants. Applying with Vietnam Immigration Department people need and email address and an internet connection to complete the online application form and then receiving the visa approval letter through email. It means people do not need to search for offices and do not to see them face to face to hand in the documentations. It saves time and money. People can apply for visa at anytime and anywhere, no matter weekend or middle of the night, no matter in the office or in a café. The process is also fast. It normally takes about 2 working days or less. In the urgent case people can apply for 2 hours process.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact or hotline +84 968 18 77 18.

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