Travel North Vietnam On Your Motorcycle – Why Not?

Do you ever get bored with traveling in a classic way? Are you looking for a new experience for a breathtaking view in northern Vietnam? If yes, let’s try an adventure with your motorcycle! 

For those who are fascinated with natural beauty, an exciting North Vietnam travel sites must be your ideal destination. A recommendation for you is Moc Chau plateau, which is attractive due to its fresh air, stunning landscapes of tea plantations, and colorful flowers.

Drive a motorbike here, famous attractions in Moc Chau will never let you down.

Traveling To Moc Chau By Motorcycle – A New Adventure

I strongly believe that any foreigner coming to Vietnam will be excited about traveling in north Vietnam. People come here to not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also explore many interesting experiences. One of them is driving the motorcycle to Moc Chau.

For those who like observing the poetic but majestic scenery of Moc Chau, traveling by motorcycle can be the most reasonable option. It can be your obstacle if you are not used to riding a motorbike but it won’t be a big deal as long as you drive carefully. You can also rent one at a reliable travel company in Hanoi or join a motorbike tour for more support from tour guides.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be when you have north Vietnam travel heading to Moc Chau with your powerful motorbike. On the way, you can enjoy the fresh air, the lively picture of people, and nature here. Nothing better than riding the motorcycle, I bet that you will admit it.

Wait, I think here is what you need! If you are a photography addict, you will have a chance to take dozens of photos of the charming scenery here to show off with your friends or post it on Instagram. Then, your post will get lots of likes – I bet!

Best Time To Travel To Moc Chau, Vietnam

The beautiful season of white plum blossom in Moc Chau begins from late January to early February. On these days, Moc Chau has an incredible beauty with all mountains covered with white plum flowers and other beautiful flowers. 

If this period is not convenient for you, you can visit Moc Chau around November and December. During these months, you can admire the white color of cauliflowers surrounding Moc Chau plateau. This is an ideal place for photographers to take wedding pictures and for couples who are enjoying their honeymoon.

Striking Places To Visit In Moc Chau

Dai Yem Waterfall

If you are a lover of romance, then the “Dai Yem” waterfall won’t be a bad choice for you. In Vietnamese, “Dai Yem” means long pieces of cloth. The waterfall here is called  “Dai Yem” because, from afar view, the waterfall looks like a cloth that connects the ground and the sky. 

From April to September is the ideal time to visit Dai Yem waterfall.  At that time, Moc Chau is in the rainy season, so the water from the top of the waterfall flows down the slopes to the bottom. This stunning beauty of nature is considered as the treasure of Moc Chau plateau.

Moc Chau Heart-shaped Tea Hills

In Moc Chau, tea is the main crop and the most famous product. Of all tea hills in Moc Chau, Dai Loan hill and Tan Lap 3 hill are the most outstanding because of their heart shapes. The heart-shaped green tea hills are the artificial products created by the skillful people in the northern highland.

These hills in Moc Chau always inspire photographers and attract couples to come for taking wedding pictures. Especially, you can hire H’mong costumes to have the best moment with the surroundings.

Pine Forest Of Ang Village

Do you understand the feeling of falling in love with something at the very first sight? That’s the feeling you may get when seeing Ang village, which brings a peaceful life with hospitable locals. Considered as a miniature version of Dalat, the pine forest of Ang village has a cool climate and fresh atmosphere. Similar to Dalat, the village gives you a chance to enjoy four seasons in one day. 

Most notably, if you can wake up early in the morning, you can definitely love the quiet space covered with fog while breathing in the fresh air. How many times in your life have you ever enjoyed such an incredible experience? So, give it a try!

Final Words

To have unforgettable North Vietnam travels, you can try traveling by motorcycle. Do not hesitate to come to Moc Chau to explore one of the most beautiful and largest highlands in northern Vietnam.

Once you drive your motorbike and hit the road, your soul will be more gentle and comfortable. I bet that you can hardly find this fantastic experience from anywhere else in Vietnam.

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