How much to pay for Vietnam visa extension for Israeli 2020?

As a usual rule, the Israeli are required a Vietnam visa if they want to enter Vietnam. After having a visa, they have to care the limited day so that get it extended on time. How much to pay for Vietnam visa extension for Israeli 2019?




Visa extension is now not a strange problem to every body who is having a Vietnam Visa Israel already. Every visa included traveling, working and visiting relatives is issued with limited period so when the Vietnam visa for Israel is about to expire but you want to continue staying in Vietnam, you have to extend visa. So how to get Vietnam visa extension for Israeli and how much is it?

Vietnam Embassy in Israel

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Israel

Address: 4th floor, Beit Asia, 4 Weizman, Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: (972) 36966304 or (972) 36966311
Fax:(972) 36966243

Vietnam Embassy in Israel Website

Website of The Vietnam Embassy in Israel supplies with information of Embassy of Vietnam in Israel, it is provided for information and service purpose.

Vietnam Visa Extension for Israeli passport holders

Foreigners in general and Israeli citizens in particular are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for maximum continuous 1 year, as announced by the provisions of the Government of Vietnam.

If travelers has Vietnam visa Israel expired without further extension either unintentional or intentional, they will be fined due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist, so the best way for you is remembering the expiration date so as not to be punished.

Technically, the cost of Vietnam visa for Israel when renewal is higher than that of visa extension, and you can get your visa extension at Vietnam Embassy.

The procedures for Vietnam Visa Extension for Israeli is different, depend on type of visa you want to extend. There are many types of Vietnam Visa, such as trade visa, tourism visa and work visa.

Some notes on visa extension:

– Procedures of Visa extension depend on your purpose of the latest entry visa

– Vietnam border gate where travelers enters will determine extension cost

– The latest date of entry will impact substantial on extension cost

– Travelers should provide visa agent with number of extensions and places of extension.

Vietnam Visa Extension for Israeli about work permit

Vietnam visa extension for Israeli

The Israel passport holders who want to stay in Vietnam for business and live for long time should notice that:

– Israeli citizens must have work permit in Vietnam in case they want to work for long time in Vietnam.

– Israeli citizens can make 2 or 3 year residence card which can be extended after obtaining work permits.

– Israeli citizens can make 5 Year Visa Exemption if they are spouses.

Work Permit Extension for Israeli citizens

In case you are Israeli employer, you must submit documents to renew work permit to local Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Service where were initially granted the permit before at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the existing permit expires.

Needed documents to extend Work permit

If you want to extend your work permit, you should prepare:

– The written request to renew the work permit of the employer

– Two color photos (size 4cm x 6cm, white background, straight face, no glasses), not more than 6 months up to the date of application.

– Copy of work contract.

– The current work permit.

Processing time: 10 working days.

How much to pay for Vietnam visa extension for Israeli?

The fee of Vietnam visa extension for Israeli is not the same because the different situation such as nationality and your border port. You must send photo of passport and visa via email to visa agent, they will tell you the specific price for your particular case.


1)   The visa extension should be obtained at the minimum of 5 days before deadlines of your stay in Vietnam

2)  You will have to pay additional fee for urgent service

3)   The visa renewal is recommended if you want to stay in Vietnam for 3 months and wish to change types of visa from single to multiple. This is guideline for you to get a Vietnam Visa from Israel.

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