Vietnam Motorcycle Trips: How To Stay Safe

Are you aware of what is waiting for you when you take a Vietnam motorcycle trip? Of course, there are beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and breathtaking routes. But, Vietnam also has unfrequented and arduous paths. 

In this case, do not panic! Just keep calm and enjoy your Vietnam motorcycle trip! We will show you how to take a safe ride in Vietnam.

Vietnam motorcycle trips are safe if you know these tips

Before the trip

Careful preparation before starting your Vietnam motorcycle trip is necessary. When you get everything set, your travel seems to be more secure. 

  • Maintain your motorbike 

No matter how long your adventure is, make sure that your motorbike is well prepared. It is not only a vehicle but also your companion. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent a bike from a prestigious company near your place. 

First, let’s check every part of your bike such as tires, brakes, viscosity, spark plugs, lights, and even saddle. Besides, do not forget to use both rearview mirrors!

After the check, take some space on your motorbike for the tool bag too. Along the way, bad roads can damage the vehicle, then the tool bag will help you become a temporary mechanic.

  • Prepare a good helmet and protective clothing 

Do you know what is indispensable when riding a motorbike? Yes, a helmet! Protect your head with a good helmet in case of an accident. Besides, it will protect you from dust, wind or even incidents. For adventures, you should choose the one that covers up our face.

While a helmet keeps your head safe, protective clothing saves your body. They are essential for a safe trip. Just wear both of them if you want to be shielded!

  • Pack something helpful

When you pack your backpack, do not forget to include useful things such as a phone, compass or electric torch that will support you a lot when you get lost. You can use them to create signals to call for help as well.

However, you should not wait for problems then find a solution. The best prevention is: do not let them happen. Let’s have a detailed plan. Then, any problem will be under your control.

During the trip

You have just prepared carefully for the trip. Such a good adventurer! But that is not enough for an adventurous Vietnam motorcycle trip. You have a long road ahead. Let’s move!

  • Follow the crowd

In Vietnam, the majority always wins. Therefore, moving in groups is often safer. That is why people often join in Vietnam motorbike tours. If you travel alone, you should follow the crowd. When you intend to turn left, wait for someone to make a turn with you. Or when you see that everyone is standing still, do not move! Crowd movements are more noticeable. Therefore, it is more secure.

  • Obey traffic rules

Stop complaining that the traffic rules cast a damper on you! Rules are not just to obey but also to protect yourself. Do not turn a blind eye to the road signs. All these announcements are about the things that you are about to meet. Thanks to them, you know what you are going to do next.

In addition, to be safe, you should never line out, never exceed the speed limit and always move in the right lane.

Do not worry when you have to memorize too many rules! People enact the laws not to create difficulties for you. In fact, they help you have an easy trip.

  • Keep away from lawbreakers 

Some people do what they want. They pass the red light, ride their motorbikes on the sidewalk, or move on the contrary direction.

What should we do with them? Good advice: just stay away from these lawbreakers. The reason is that even if you follow the traffic rules, you may be involved in these actions. Please observe them carefully to protect yourself.

  • Take advantage of the horn

The horn may annoy you but sometimes it can be your assistant. You can beep the horn to warn the people that you are approaching them. Also, pay attention to that sound along your trip. If you hear it, there is someone trying to tell you something. 

Do not be bothered by the horn and ignore it. If not, safety will ignore you.

  • Avoid huge trucks

For almost all the Vietnam motorcycle trips, you may come across many large trucks. Sometimes the driver’s vision is limited; therefore, it is best not to ride next to the truck.

Moreover, some trucks often exceed the speed, especially at night. If you hear a horn from afar, pull over immediately. Please, do not try to race them!

  • Do not ride at night

Another simple tip is that you should avoid riding your motorbike at night. You have to remember that there are many dangerous passes in Vietnam. Not to mention, not every place in Vietnam has street lights.

You have to drive all day. Nights should be the time for you to rest and prepare for the next day.

  • Pay attention to the weather

The weather somehow determines the safety of your adventure. Weather in Vietnam is not very harsh. That is why many people want to enjoy Vietnam motorcycle trips.

However, you must also be cautious. When traveling in the coastal provinces, sometimes heavy storms will falter your steps. Besides, riding in the rain or fog is so dangerous. Blurred vision and slippery roads will likely lead to unfortunate accidents.

Vietnam Motorcycle Trips: How To Stay Safe

In Conclusion,

Taking an adventure in Vietnam will be full of challenges. You are so brave to start a motorcycle trip here, but find a way to make your trip memorable, not regrettable. Remember our pieces of advice so that your Vietnam motorcycle trip is not hard at all.

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