Some of the wonderful islands have to go in Vietnam

 Fantastic beaches in Vietnam

More than thousands of islets, island and atolls in Vietnam. The wonderful picture appear on your cell phone with the fresh cobalt beach mix with the shining of the sun on the ocean will make you feel that’s best experience on the holiday. Under the surface of water, the various of ecosystems was showed. You should discover by having a scuba diving or snorkeling that’s an unmemorable experience. Spending your lifetime and let’s your body refresh on the sea of Vietnam.

Having a marvellous discover with wonderful landscape view of jungle coats, you will see the rarely birds species that make you dive into the nature. These islands will  make you feel as if you are in heaven by the sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.

10. Co To Island

In the north of Vietnam has one of the most wonderful island is Co To Island. There are lots of local tourist here and it quite famous. Feeling the warm and natural beaches bordered by turquoise waters and pristine. The lovely beach to kick back and lay down on the sand is Van Chai beach.

Co To Island

If you boring with the beaches, try to hiking around the island for sightseeing. The luxury of accommodation support everything you needs like dining, tours, fast-tracking, etc. Having experience with nice landscapes and the warm of the ocean will make you refresh yourself after under pressure.

9. Quan Lan Island

This island is the private place that far away from the noisy city in Vietnam. It situated in Ha Long Bay, although it quite famous, there are less tourists come there to visit. The peaceful and relaxing place on the island but it has a little bit of noisy on the street at Quan Lan Village with many bars, hotels and restaurants.

The corner in Quan Lan Beaches

There are many activities that visitors can use around the island. Taking a photo with nice scenery or going around is another things you can do if you don’t want to swim on the beaches anymore.

7. Tuan Chau Island

You can visit this island by car or bus because it situated inside the Ha Long City. It’s about 8 KM from Ha Long Bay. The activities in here are very various and it supports for every member on the family include: kid, father, mother, etc.

The bridge connect the mainland with Tuan Chau Island

Trying to join in many sport water activities on this island with family are the best option for the short trip. Everything you needs are available in here, try to go there if you don’t know the place to visit in Ha Long City.

6. Cat Ba Island

Another island situated in the north of Vietnam is Cat Ba island and belonged in Ha Long Bay. The national park of Vietnam covered half of the islands that you can visit to explore some of tropical species. There are many hotels, services and tourist serve for the travelers.

The coastline of Cat Ba Island

There are many beautiful beaches disappear and appear suddenly. If you want to be a courage visitors, go hiking on this island and find the wild beaches for yourself. The stones, rocks, islets cover around the island with beautiful view on the real life.

5. Cham Islands

After visiting Hoi An ancient town, one night stand and wake up early to go the harbor and visit the Cham Islands. There are many green coconuts on the beach combine with the long coastal of the sea side with white sand like the colorful picture on the internet appear on your eyes.

The local boat of fisherman

We do not mention more about the beautiful of this island and move to some of activities that you can join in this island like walk under the sea with special equipment, feeding for fish and touch the coral, go fishing or swimming on the middle of the ocean. There are some of pagodas you can visit here.

4. Binh Ba Island

This island with another name is Lobster island because there are a huge source of lobster in here. It’s about 20 km from the harbor and was owned by Vietnam Army and fishermen. The view of this island is not beautiful like above but it’s the paradise for who ones love sea foods.

The view of Binh Ba island on the top of the mountain

Come there to see the realistic of activity local people, how they catch fish or raise the lobster. Like I said before, this island for people love sea foods with reasonable price, not for relax. In addition, you can play water sport activities in here but do not forget ask the price before playing.

3. Con Dao Islands

This islands located in the south of Vietnam and contains more than sixteen islands very far away from the mainland. This island are very famous with travelers on the world. This is the heaven with many wild sea, beaches and the long line sands cover all around the island. There are the national park was protected by Vietnam Government, you can visit here to see different kinds of species wild life.

The hotel with private pool and beach

Besides, in the French regime, this island is the political prison with many savage tortures for the prisoner. You can go there to understand about the black part of the history. The religious place tombstone of Vo Thi Sau’s hero are very famous with local people. In addition, do not forget to visit some of famous pagodas to pray for relative. There are many hotels and resorts approved the 5-stars standard of international. The evidence for it is the vacation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stayed on there.

2. Nam Du Islands

The islands with more than twenty islets and islands that’s the various choice for visitors choose the islands to visit. The biggest island of it is Nam Du, it support many good activities for travelers. But the weak point is lack of some of service serve for visitors because it so wild.

The Hon Lon is the one of the biggest island which many accommodation found here with simple restaurants and delicious local dishes. The sea in here are not too deep, swimming on it or catch some of shells, urchins is the special in here. After catching it on the naturals, you can give it for the chef cook of restaurant to cook it with fee. You can discover many good things like the wild jungle, beautiful beaches or making a challenge with yourself about the survival on the island without people.

1. Phu Quoc Island

The largest island in Vietnam are Phu Quoc Island with many beautiful landscape of beaches with luxury or economic accommodation like resorts, hotels or the one day tour to travel this island here. Using the boat to go further the island and go fishing or catching the squid on the night is the good memorable. There are some of special in this island that you must try when you visit. You can see this island from the top of Bokor mountain from Cambodia because this island so big.

The cable car in Phu Quoc Island

To go around the Phu Quoc Island, you should rent a motorbike to visit many places in here. The Long beach is one of the most famous beach in Phu Quoc to have a sun bathing or swimming. This beaches are very wild, quiet and peaceful to relax. In addition, you can touch the Star-fish or pick it up to take a photo on the Sao Beaches. There are some of big amusement parks like Phu Quoc Safari, Hon Thom, etc. Phu Quoc is very developing about the tourism, that’s the place you must go in Vietnam. The local food in here are Fish Sauce and Pepper.

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