Cao Tran Quoc Hai Ambassador graduation ceremony Master Course I program for students of Agriculture Vietnam

Cao Tran Quoc Hai Ambassador graduation ceremony Master Course I program for students of Agriculture Vietnam

February 24, 2015, Ambassador of Vietnam in the first Israel Cao Tran Quoc Hai attended the graduation ceremony of the agricultural program Master Course I in the field of plant science, specialized security and safety student Is Vietnam. This training is the first agricultural Masters for students in Vietnam and as a result of the cooperation program between the Centre for International Agricultural Training (AICAT) and Tel Aviv University. Of the 15 graduates master this time, there are 3 students achieved outstanding academic achievement has been the University of Tel Aviv for more scholarship lasts one year to complete research projects studying Masters research officer.

Đại sứ Cao Trần Quốc Hải dự lễ tốt nghiệp khóa I chương trình Thạc sỹ Nông nghiệp dành cho sinh viên Việt Nam

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Ambassador Cao Tran Quoc Hai thanked and appreciated the support of the University of Tel Aviv, the center AICAT and related bodies of the first Israel Vietnam for students , said that the course is the result of friendship relations and good cooperation between Vietnam and the first Israel and is a good opportunity for Vietnam students access to knowledge and skills in agriculture from the first modern Israel. Ambassador expressed his desire to master curriculum agriculture in Israel I will continue to be maintained and increased annual scholarships to students receiving Vietnam in the coming years.

Ambassador congratulated Vietnam students have successfully completed the master’s course, encouraged the students to Vietnam to apply the knowledge learned to take the practical contribution to the development of the body as well as the country’s agricultural sector, while continuing to play a bridging role, contributing to further strengthen the friendly relations between Israel and the first Vietnam.

Representing the graduates of this course, Mrs. Hoang Thi Sen expressed the honor of studying in one of the most prestigious universities in the first Israel; thank the teachers at the center AICAT and Tel Aviv University have dedicated knowledge transfer, help for students in Vietnam during the last 18 months and expressed their determination to put the knowledge and skills learned at school into practice.

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